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Founded in 2003 as a boutique firm dedicated to mastering the art of trying and winning jury trials, The Luti Law Firm are trial lawyers that represent discriminated and disenfranchised minorities nationwide -- in the civil and criminal courts. We are first and foremost trial lawyers who love trying cases for people, not corporations. Opposing lawyers know we do not hesitate to try a case to verdict, most often with extraordinary results. That reputation adds value to every case we accept. The Firm consists of attorneys dedicated to trial and appellate work in the areas of employment discrimination, civil rights and criminal defense. The Firm exists first and foremost to represent individuals discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or social class; and to represent individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated.

We are proud of our legacy of excellence -- a highly effective and experienced  team of attorneys and support staff.  We provide high-quality legal expertise, technological resources and support representing ordinary people who may have limited financial means to devote to the cost of litigation. As a result,The Luti Law Firm has quickly established itself as one of the top minority owned trial law firms in the Los Angeles area. In fact, The Luti Law Firm has been named to the Lawyers of Color Big Book of the Best Boutiques, an exclusive list of the top minority law firms in each state.

Our law firm only accepts cases which we believe will go to trial. Carefully selecting only a handful of cases each year, The Luti Law Firm intentionally limits its caseload in order to deliver personal "hands-on" legal advice and representation to a select few clients. Our goal is to focus time and resources in order to obtain the best possible results for our clients. This strategy continues to produce success for our clients. Since its inception, the Firm has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our civil clients. Additionally, the Firm has only lost one criminal trial since its inception. Indeed, our extensive trial experience and winning record have made us a highly sought after law firm.

The Luti Law Firm handles cases around the country by maintaining ties and affiliations with law firms and lawyers throughout the United States and associating with local counsel. Our trial experience and winning record have made the firm highly sought after trial lawyers. Anthony Luti is frequently asked by other attorneys to try cases at any stage of the litigation (beginning, middle or even right before trial.) We also joint venture on cases with attorneys who want to stay more actively involved in the litigation. Our presence on a case benefits clients by maximizing their recovery, and, accordingly, benefits the lawyer who referred us the case. We take pride in our referral and joint-venture relationships and our ability to offer a percentage of our attorney’s fees to those referring lawyers.

Simply put, we help our clients by working for them to resolve their claims before going to trial. If that fails, we have an ironclad commitment to go to war on their behalf.

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