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Melissa L. LeSane -- Legal Assistant Intern

B.Sc., Psychology, University of Phoenix (2013) (3.4 G.P.A.)

Melissa LeSane originally joined the Firm's as it's primary legal assistant in March of 2004. Ms. LeSane is responsible for all firm secretarial training and for many other law firm administrative and marketing functions.

Ms. LeSane manages complex databases and provides leading-edge technological communication services. In addition, she has provided litigation support in the prosecution of labor and employment claims, criminal felony matters, as well as the prosecution of personal injury claims.

Ms. LeSane has participated in and prepared for depositions and trials, including document and database management, fact investigation and evidence gathering, legal research, exhibit development and preparation, and drafting of substantive pleadings, discovery and correspondence.

As a legal assistant, Ms. LeSane plays a key role in supporting the litigation practice of the firm. Her main duties include preparation of complaints, responding to discovery, assisting in conducting depositions, trial support and overall maintenance of client files. Ms.LeSane has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for customer care and service, which makes her interaction with clients an enjoyable part of her job.

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